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Gerti & Philip Kusseler are the founders and directors of Wait A Little Horse Safaris.  Moving to South Africa permanently in 1998, they transformed, with inspired vision, a small farm into the beautiful home and safari camp that is Wait A Little today.  Both have ridden horses from a young age and it was their love of wildlife that first brought them to South Africa.  The combination of these two passions led to the idea of sharing with clients the sheer joy and unique experience of riding horses alongside African wildlife, including the Big Five.

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Philip guides the Wait A Little safaris, having attained his guiding licence as soon as he arrived in South Africa.  He remains one of the few field guides to have achieved the highest qualification: Level 3, SKS dangerous game. He was just 16 years old when he did his German hunting licence and living and working in Africa was a childhood dream for him. With hours of patience and dedication Philip has managed to find a way to approach wildlife such as elephant and lion close on horseback.


Ray stands for Rynhardt Erasmus is our horse safari guid. He started working for us in March 2019 and although still very young has shown a real talent for his job. Not only is he brave, he is also patient and understanding with animals, if it is wildlife or horses, he adores both. His passion is infectious when he talks about wildlife on safari and there is no question he doesn’t know an answer or  he will make sure he finds out later.

Ray grew up in South Africa and has already had all the necessary qualifications when he started working for us. He is an exceptional guide with already great knowledge and it is a privilege that we have him working for us.

Ektor, 10 year old Warmblood

Gerti’s passion has always been horses, riding and competing in show jumping and dressage back in Germany from a young age. Gerti has continued her riding carrier in South Africa by obtaining an FEI instructors qualification and competing actively with her two dressage horses. Gerti is also a qualified guide. This background helps her to train and educate the trail horses to become the perfect safari companions for our guests. Gerti also oversees all operations, including reservations and catering.


Clare is our stable manager. In 2008 Clare volunteered with us for three months and never wanted to leave!  Over a period of five years she shared her time between us and her banking career in the UK.  Finally, with a work permit secured, Clare has managed to make her passion for horses her job and is a fully employed member of the Wait A Little team, living permanently in South Africa. Clare is responsible for all the 40 horses, their well being, their management, their care and training. Clare also manages the three students that are always at Wait A Little to help with the horses and the back-up riding. Clare has a BHS level 5 qualification as groom and instructor.  Clare loves wildlife and takes every opportunity to join the safaris.

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In 2014 Susie joined the Wait A Little team helping with camp management. Having obtained her work permit she is now a permanent member of staff.  Susie’s event management and client liaison skills has easily transferred to camp operations.  In 2011 on a visit to Horizon Horseback Adventures she fell in love with South Africa and has never looked back.  Susie also loves wildlife and takes every opportunity to join the safaris.


Ana, our chef has been working here since 2000, so her and Solomon are our longest employees. Very soon we realised that she is a good cook and so she started to help Gerti and Philip in the kitchen. Soon she developed her own way of baking and cooking and started studying recipe books and magazines. Today Ana bakes the most amazing cakes and deserts without us ever interfering. She bakes quiches and makes the best lunches ever!!! We couldn’t do without her!!!


Precious is our wonderful therapist. She is working for Wait A Little almost from the beginning. Having alway been very ambitious Precious was keen to become a masseuse. Wait A Little had been using freelance therapists in the past so there was a great demand. Gerti send her to Johannesburg to do a 3 month course which she passed with bravo. Many physiotherapist volunteers helped Precious to have now become an incredible masseuse who many of our wonderful guests enjoy in particular after long hours in the saddle.


Our longest and most faithful employee is Solomon. Since 2000 he is our foreman, helping with farm work, organising the staff, driving them from and to the village, fixing roads, fences and whatever else there needs doing on a big farm like ours.


Inno started working for Wait A Little in 2008. Very soon we realised that he is very good with the horses and so became our very first groom. Inno is helping with everything that has to do with the horses and is always the one up first feeding them. But he also helps the girls in the kitchen in the evenings or sweeps the garden and cleans the tie up area. Inno is amazing always keen to help and always finding things to keep him busy.


Mathews started working for Wait A Little in 2015. Being only 25 years old Mathews quickly learned everything about horses and very soon started traveling with Gerti to shows. Now he is the best show groom and of course also an excellent helper back home with the safari horses. He is amazing with fixing tack and is always there when a hand is needed.