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Wait A Little

African Big Five Horse Safari

Private Bag X3008 Suite 123

Hoedpsruit 1380

South Africa




Wait A Little has got a string of approximately 40 horses. New ones come every year and sadly old ones sometimes have to leave. We try and retire our old horses when we feel they have done enough and it’s time for less hard work. So we either send them to our local riding school or to friends, where they can still enjoy themselves with less work, but lot’s of attention.

The young horses we usually buy at the age of 3, preferably already broken. It takes usually 2 years before we are able to send them with guests. It takes some time to get them used to animals, which we introduce them to at a very early stage. At the same time we train them on the flats and over little jumps in the arena or on the cross country course to get them fit and nice to ride. Then the horses will go back-up for quite sometime until we are sure they are steady in front of animals and nice to ride for our wonderful guests. Please have a look at our great horses and hopefully we will welcome you on safari to ride some of them.

Wait A Little horse safaris are highly personalised and specialised riding safaris for experienced riders, run by Gerti and Philip Kusseler in the Karongwe Private Game Reserve close to the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. There are three types of safaris which take you over an area of 30.000ha of African wilderness, between 6 and 10 days long.

Years of experience and training enables the horses to be calm merely meters away from big game. A high standard of riding within the group ensures exciting up close game sightings and sporty riding on wonderful horses. Because of Gerti’s level of schooling and training, the horses are fun to ride and together with Philip’s guiding experience over the past 10 years is a safari with “Wait A little” the perfect thrill for the experienced rider.

Small groups of only seven riding guests and the permanent personal attention of Gerti & Philip and their staff ensures you an unforgettable week. Their passion for nature, conservation, the environment and their involvement in the game reserve management gives a lot of material for exciting stories and will give you a wealth of information about the hard work required to protect the last remaining wildlife areas.